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When your Samsung Tablet doesn’t turn on, it can be very frustrating, especially if you need access to your device and all of a sudden you are presented with an unresponsive or “black screen of death” on your Samsung Tablet.

I experienced this issue recently with my Samsung Tab A, and luckily, there are several ways I tried that could help you turn your Tablet back on without needing to take it to an expensive repair shop as a last resort.

With these 8 methods, you should be able to get your Tablet back up and running in no time at all!

These fixes worked for me on a Samsung Tab A, but it should be very similar for other Samsung Tablet variants – give it a go!

How to Fix a Samsung Tab A That Won’t Turn On?

There are multiple easy fixes that should hopefully get your Tablet to turn on right away, and the instructions below start off with the most straightforward, most common fixes and then we will work our way to the more complex methods.

Follow the order of this video, and hopefully the easiest ones will work for you! If they don’t, you can work your way to the more difficult ones.

1 – Check Your Cable

First and foremost, grab your tablet charger. Have a look first at the cable and especially at the ends if there is any wire fraying or damage.

You would want to use a high-quality cable and ideally the original charger brick that came with the device.

If you have another device near you that accepts the same USB connection as the Samsung Tablet charger, try plugging your Tablet’s cable into another device to ensure that the cable and charger brick is indeed working

2 – Give Your Cable a Wiggle

If your galaxy tab A still won’t turn on, try to wiggle the cable a bit, because all charging cables for all devices are prone to some damage over the years of use and a wiggle at the end might do the trick.

3 – Plug Into a Charger for At Least 10 Minutes

Connect your Samsung tablet to the charger once you verify that your cable is not damaged. Plug it into a wall socket (preferably not a power bank) and leave it to charge for about 10 minutes – leave the charger in even if the screen does not turn on or remains “black”.

Sometimes your battery could be so drained that you need to plug it in for about 10 minutes to give it even enough juice to turn on! Once 10 minutes is up, boot the Tablet and see if this works for you. If your device still does not turn on, move to step 2.

4 – Force Restart

You will want to force restart your Samsung tablet by pressing and holding down the volume down button and the power button together for around 10 seconds or until the screen turns on.

If it doesn’t work, try and hold them down for a little bit longer – sometimes you might have to hold them down for 15 or 20 seconds because there might be a delay in the device recognizing you are pushing the buttons down simultaneously.

If you get a warning screen that popped up, this is no problem as you have pressed the buttons for long enough that you are at a recovery screen. To cancel this, follow the instructions on the warning screen or press the volume down button.

5 – Examine the Charging Port

If the above doesn’t work, you want to unplug the charging cable and take a look at your charging port on the device.

Look for any debris, fluff, or dirt. Sometimes the charging cable is fine, and your device actually works fine, but the battery is dead because it cannot be charged since there’s some debris in the charging port. So have a look for some debris and if you see any, pull it out carefully because this is a charging port, so do it very carefully.

Even if there’s no debris, I do recommend that you get a compressed air duster can and spray at an angle in your charging port to get any debris out. You could even just use your mouth and give it a quick blow inside of your charging port, and hopefully that removes any dust or debris that’s in there.

Give it one more try to charge it up and hopefully, that allows you to turn your device.

6 – A Loose Screen Ribbon Cable

It’s possible that your screen ribbon may be a little bit disconnected or maybe a little bit loose.

While unplugged, go ahead and turn your Tablet over as in the images below and press firmly at the back from the top near the camera all the way to the bottom in a massaging motion. Do not press too hard that you hear creeks from your device but apply only sufficient pressure and do this for a minute.

After doing this, turn your Tablet over and press the power button to see if the display comes on. If it still does not, plug your charging cable and try this again for another minute. Once done, do a force restart as mentioned above.

7 – Tap the Back of The Tablet on Your Palm.

If the above still does not work, go ahead and grab your Tab with your right hand and hold out your left hand out and give it a few firm but gentle whacks up and down, as shown in the images below.

Once you have done this, press the power button, and hopefully, your screen is back up and running. This step worked for me on my Samsung Tab A!

8.1 – Manually Look at The Screen Ribbon Cable.

If the steps above did not work for you, you will, unfortunately, have to examine the inside of the Tablet by taking the back off your Tablet and unplugging the screen ribbon, and plugging it back in firmly.

The video below may help remove the Tablet’s back carefully and locate the ribbon cable.

YouTube video

8.2 – Manually Unplug the Battery Cell.

What you can do, is unplug the battery totally out of the device and wait one minute to plug it back in. while the back of the Tablet is removed, plug the power cable back in and go ahead and start up your Tab, and hopefully everything is back up and running.

If the steps above do not work, there is a possibility you may need a new screen, or your screen ribbon could be bad or damaged. You should consult a Samsung store if your Tab is under warranty.