ICE - Sổ tay đào tạo sát thủ _ 杀手修炼手册 - Ice Paper Roblox Music Code

Here is the Roblox Music Code for the song "Sổ tay đào tạo sát thủ _ 杀手修炼手册 - Ice Paper" by ICE. You can easily copy the code from here.

Artist: ICE

Song Title: Sổ tay đào tạo sát thủ _ 杀手修炼手册 - Ice Paper

Song ID: 3922370303

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What To Do If This Roblox Code Isn’t Working?

The Roblox Music Code above was confirmed working at: 3 June 2022


If this Roblox code is no longer valid (as songs are frequently removed by game moderators), please inform us so that we can try out best to update it.

How Can I Use A Roblox ID?

You'll need to buy a boombox or join a world where you can use the boombox for free to use this code in Roblox.


Simply follow these steps below once you have your boombox:

  1. Copy the song ID.
  2. Open the boombox.
  3. Paste the Roblox song ID.
  4. Click "Play".

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